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Feb 20, 2013 5:00am EST
based global economy, so we've really ggt tt chhnge he wwy we educate." and the changes are already &ptaking place arouud the woold...kno soo "governments are stepping in saying look we -- for our generation to 3 big projects are takinn place overssas in aahhge fashioo. &ppn one project yoo almost 100 mmllion tablets beinn handed out toostudents..14:43:45" besides staaing competitive, &ppublishhrs say the digital & platform gettstudentt involved in he lesssn, ith vdeos, &pgames, animattons and pictures. ((inkling sot ""t's not just a copy of a page from a book on a scceen." // "it's buiit from &pthe groud-up with iineractive elements like ggiied ourr and &pinteractive homework queetiins"))((kno sot "we can build software which can cale up anddtake it to thee ext levee and continue to decide how to engage with content.")) former chanccllor of the ew pork ity department of educaaion, now c-e-o of amppify, the eeucational division of news corppagreess student ust be engaged in the new platform...revolution in --3 the educatiinnsystem to take & plaa
Feb 21, 2013 5:00am EST
... border ssccrity will be --3 compromisedd.. and the economy -3 will ake a hii... if ffrced -3 budget cuts beein to happen n march first.the obama aaministration says "the choiceethat republicans people out of worr in order to protect these ssecial tax & brraks for corpprate jee owners and oil and gaas& commanies. ittmakee no sense." but when ressed on whether & the prrsident has his own plan & o stop theecutt, white houss prees secretary jay carney pointeddto the grann bargain & mr. obama failed to reacc with house speaker johnnboehner two years ago. "when you ask it's been there. it'' on 3 proposal he submitted o the sppaker of the houseethaa the speaker walked away from that pveryonn heee, representatives, or mostt people herr understood to be." 3 the long term.""that's the big &pdeel.""where's the ppan to ppevent sequestration rom happening...shoulddthe president take tte lead and present thatt""the preeident 3 ccngress has to aat."less than two months since tte fiscal cliff that esulted in tax increasesson wealttiee americcns... buddet brinkmansh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2